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How to Optimize Your Brand’s Redesigned YouTube Channel

It was just last month when a redesigned YouTube was released. The added layer of user experience and brand factor makes the video-sharing site a powerful marketing tool. Because of its overhaul, online marketers took advantage of the changes to leverage their brand’s Internet presence.

Read further to learn how you can benefit from the new YouTube.

Personalize Your Home Page

The new YouTube home page is divided into three columns. The left side shows the channel that you’re following, the middle column shows their latest activities, while the right column lets you pin your top ten YouTube users’ aggregated information.

Customizing your home page lets you scan the YouTube activities of various channels within your niche. It lets you analyze their marketing campaigns such as upload patterns, video content, and communication frequency.

Add Customized Video Overlay

With the redesigned YouTube, you no longer need promoted videos before using the overlay. An overlay is the small advert unit found at the bottom of a video. Another good thing about this feature is that you can still take advantage of it while the video promotion is on hold. Just remember to include a branded image and link on your overlay.

Remove Other Ads

A video overlay will only be effective if you can keep your audience’s focus on your video. You can do that by clicking the “Edit” button found at the top of the video, and then check the box beside “Prevent ads from showing in my videos on this page.”  What’s good about this setting is that you only need to do it once for all of your featured videos. You can also let it play automatically when a user visits your channel to show your video overlay instantly.

Use Feed Tab to Engage Subscribers

What many of online marketers forget is that YouTube is a video-based social networking site. That’s why it’s also important that you engage your audience to keep them coming back for more videos. The Feed Tab allows your subscribers to see your latest videos, updates and comments on other channels. This feature encourages them to listen and join the conversation.

Add Website and Other Social Media Links

Talking about brand factor, all users can now add their website and other social media links on the newly placed description area. Because it’s now positioned above the fold at the right side of the video, the URLs have higher click-through rate potential.

The redesigned YouTube provides vast opportunities for online marketers to promote their brand. Learn its features and use it to its full extent to proactively establish a business’ Internet presence.

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