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How Mobile Is Changing the Keyword Game

Saying “today’s world is more mobile than that of yesterday” can go unsaid; it’s stated quite plainly by the thirty people you passed this morning who weren’t aware of your existence because they were playing with their smartphone or tablet. It’s not as though these hyper-intelligent new devices are only good for creating a bubble of obliviousness in public places, though. More and more consumers use mobile search capabilities to find out more about product lines, brands, special offers, health information, and more.

That means something vital for search engine optimizers: new territory. Beyond the standard keyword searches on Google, users now do visual searches by scanning logos in Google Goggles, taking a snapshot of a barcode in a bargain hunting app, and more. These advanced mobile searches have only really been possible for about two years at most. Most businesses haven’t even started to optimize for these elements of the mobile world.

Bryson Meunier is one of many SEOs who are working to create greater awareness and a better tool set for mobile search optimization. Here are a few things he recommends keeping in mind as you start your optimization process:

  • Figure out how your images register. If someone takes a snapshot of your logo, does Google recognize and populate your site automatically? Does it generate some keywords? Figure out where Google is redirecting people and make sure you are there.
  • Create mobile landing pages that keep context in mind. If someone is searching for a picture of your logo, where might they be? In a grocery store? Looking at a billboard? Exploring the booths at a convention? Figure out the most likely case scenario and optimize your relevant mobile pages accordingly.
  • Expand mobile capabilities. Make it possible to access social sharing, purchase, and other resources from a mobile browser.