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How Businesses can Use Facebook Timeline

For the past months, Facebook Timeline has been the talk of the town. There’s no place in the online marketing world that’s not discussing about the redesigned profile. Moreover, the new profile design is being met by both approval and objection. But come to think of it, the social network giant is just looking for ways to make their platform user-friendly.

Old Profile vs. Facebook Timeline

With the old profile, it’ll be difficult for you to see your old status update again. But with Facebook Timeline, you can comb through your entire Facebook history and see your previous posts. Moreover, you can edit what’s on your Timeline, letting you create an online scrapbook.

As of the moment, the Facebook Timeline is only available for individual users. But businesses can have their taste of the new profile design later this month, according to Mashable. Here are few ways on how brands can use the Facebook Timeline to promote their products:

Make a Trip Down Memory Lane

Brands can bring their fans on a trip down memory lane through Facebook Timeline. Post the campaign images that you used before, your old tag lines, profile images, and let the people experience nostalgia.

Post Brand Trivia

Facebook Timeline is not just about revealing your business’ entire history. You can also use it to initiate interaction with your fans. Post and share content about your key product releases or the milestones you achieved, and ask them to share what they know about it. It will make your fans feel that they’re involved with your every achievement.

Let Fans Share their Memories

See how the time went by and let your fans share their memories with you. Allow them to post old and recent photos of them, featuring your product. This will help you know the people who have been loyal to your product. Thus, you should also learn to thank them for staying all these years.

Once Facebook Timeline hits business pages, it will encourage advertisers to be creative with their campaigns. Other than creating a digital scrapbook, they can use the cover image to promote their latest product or deals. Using their artistic side is one way to promote their business using Facebook Timeline’s photo-heavy features. Bottomline: Facebook Timeline is designed to let brands manage their profile in a way that encourage interaction with their fans. And when used properly, the profile overhaul can bring more eyes to their content.