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Greplin Search Engine Introduces New Search Bar

Greplin’s CEO, Daniel Gross, was only 18 years old when he came up with the idea to develop an internet search engine that would allow users to simultaneously access each of their social networking sites within their arsenal to find the information they need quickly and accurately. The new search method will eliminate jumping between social networking platforms to find specific information that could be located within any of them. Greplin answers that problem by culling through all of the information on a user’s accounts with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and even Google Docs or Calendar to get what they’re looking for.

The Switzerland-based search engine company is releasing the new development this week called “the search bar for your life.” Users will launch text onto their search bar, and the search engine will access and retrieve information from the user’s accounts from all of their “cloud” accounts online. For Greplin to have access to users accounts, users will have to give access permission to allow the engine to go into Facebook and Twitter to search, however, Greplin will not be able to see user names and passwords.

The Greplin name, which was culled from a combination of “grep”, which is a programming computer term related to file searching, and “zeppelin”, which refers to the online cloud concept, has caught the attention of several venture capital firms and raised nearly $5 million. Currently, to use Greplin is free of charge, but other fees apply if users needs are greater. For instance, there is a $5 monthly charge if users want to search their professional accounts like Yammer or, and a $20 monthly fee for users that have and need to access a lot of online data frequently.

The company currently employs five people, one of which is a former Google employee, Robby Walker.