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Google Updates Productivity Features

Google is well more than a search engine these days, with the company taking on a major role in both providing services and pioneering new areas of web-based technology. The core concepts of Gmail and Google Docs make up much of Google’s current fighting force, and increases customer loyalty and potential business solutions. Always on the rise, the company has introduced several new features to its productivity-based solutions.

Message Notification
You can now receive a message notification on your desktop, as if it were from installed software, for any Gmail chat messages or new emails. This is done without needing to install anything at all, however, since Google is using the power of new HTML5 features. You can enable/disable these notifications in the Settings > General section.

Unread Message Icon

If you want to consistently see how many unread emails you have in your inbox, this is a great solution. Rather than prompting users to look to the end of the message URL in the tab, Google can attach the number of unread items directly to the tab icon (the little envelope with the red M on it). Users who want this feature can enable it through Google Labs by turning on the “Unread Message Icon.”

Improved Docs Sharing
To improve the organization of email responses, Google Documents that are shared will now send the “you’ve been invited” email to all users in the same thread. This means that anyone who responds to this message will be able to reply to multiple recipients, and that everyone will receive new messages in a single, same-titled thread.

Easy Starring
You can now attach a star to your Google Doc on the fly, since a “star icon” has been integrated with the document title inside your default editing screen.

With Google, there’s always more on the way, so keep your eyes peeled.