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Google Tasks Updates on Google's To-Do List

Google has a mighty big to-do list of their own. Luckily, the large size of the company and their multi-billion dollar buying power does allow them to get more done than your average citizen (even when using that term on a corporate level). They consistently work on updates to their search engine (there’s over 400 average algorithm updates per year, and at least a couple major changes annually — last year through Caffeine and Instant), they add products and services (whether great successes like Chrome or flops like Buzz), and they’re even working on their own OS right now. It’s nice to see, then, that smaller products aren’t being ignored.

Google has told us that their “Tasks” — an integrated part of Google Calendar, Gmail, and other Google productivity services — will be receiving several updates in the coming months. These updates should bring the product up to speed and allow Tasks to compete functionally against groups like Astrid and Remember the Milk. Here are the specific items mentioned by Google in their “up and coming” list.

  • Reminders and notifications for tasks.
  • Recurring tasks.
  • The option to share tasks.
  • Visual distinction for tasks that are overdue.
  • The publication of their API for developers.

The exact details of what these changes will look like haven’t been stated, but considering that several of the items are very similar to what we see already in Google Calendar and Google Docs, it’s likely that they will bear a resemblance. These changes will also open several exciting new capabilities. Of note, the open API and shareability will make it possible for developers to integrate the Google Tasks list with other desktop or mobile applications, including calendars, visually rich to-do lists, and more.