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Google Search Engine Outranks Walmart in Branding

When consumers think of common, everyday things, they often think of a place or a product that’s associated with their thought. For instance, many people who like one-stop shopping often go to Walmart, just as searching online for something may land you at the biggest site around.

Both Walmart and Google are undoubtedly household names, but the mega search engine wins the title as the topped rank household brand name that reaches across the globe.

The International Brand Consultancy group launched a researched study that showed the Google search engine as the #1 household brand name in the entire world, out of a list of the top 500 global brands. The Google site is currently valued at over $44.3 billion and its ranking is well ahead of even the popular social sites like Facebook (ranking at 281) and the micro-blogging site, Twitter, which did not even make the top branding list.

According to the consultancy firm, one of the reasons why Google has nabbed the #1 spot and holds it steadily is because the company is noted for taking business ventures that are relatively noncommercial in nature, but essentially have a very positive impact on its brand rating and consumer perception. By doing those things and launching business ideas that are venturesome, Google has wrangled the top spot from the retail giant, Walmart, which held the top position in 2010.

The research also indicated that another contributing factor to Google’s top position is its stellar reviews as a hearty search engine that is a favorite for both businesses and consumers. Google is constantly and consistently tweaking their processes in an effort to keep users engaged as they strive to deliver top-notch products and services. It’s not uncommon to hear users say things like “Google it”, or even “Google me” when it comes to people or places. The word “Google” is a mathematical term, but in the business world it has become equated with being a noun and a verb, much to Google’s delight.

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