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Google Releases Its Elections Hub

Just in time for the New Year, Google launched its Elections Hub to keep up with the 2012 U.S.  presidential election. According to the search engine giant’s official blog, its new hub will be a place “where citizens can study, watch, discuss, learn about, participate in and perhaps even make an impact on the digital campaign trail as it blazes forward to Tuesday, November 6, 2012.”

What Google Elections Hub can do?

Just like its News subpage, Google’s Elections Hub will focus on information that has to do with the upcoming U.S. election. This hub will enable voters, campaigns, and journalists filter election-related details in terms of popularity, issues, or candidates. The Trends Dashboard, on the other hand, updates users with real-time events. Moreover, it compares candidates’ YouTube video views, Google News mentions, and search trends. Simply put, it gives candidates an accessible platform to engage people and win their votes, while voters and journalists in turn gains election-related resource.

Meanwhile, the On the Ground section provides an interactive map that supplies election-related information relevant on a particular location. Other than videos, the map also provides location-based news and blog articles.

YouTube Politics

Other than the Elections Hub, Google also launched YouTube Politics last October 2011. This side of the video-sharing portal provides a mix of videos from the candidates’ YouTube channel, various media outlets, and everyday viewers. Additionally, it shows a daily tally of most viewed political videos, and how the presidential candidates stack up on each other.

There’s also a Meet the Candidate section that provides a link and an overview of a candidate’s YouTube channel.

With the dawn of Google’s Elections Hub and YouTube Politics, users are having more democratic tools to access information about their candidate bets even better. This is definitely just few of the search engine giant’s several moves to be an on-the-go source of politics news.

The way people communicate and consume information has definitely molded how candidates reach their voters, how campaigns raise funds for their chosen cause, and how journalists do their research for relevant and interesting content.

With information as the U.S. citizens’ best gear comes Election Day, Google’s choice to get ahead and release its Election Hub can be beneficial to many people. As Eric Hysen of Google’s Politics and Elections Team puts it, “We hope you’ll make one of your regular online stops along the way.” However, these new online tools can only measure who’ll win the hearts and minds of the majority of the Americans. Who will be the next U.S. president?

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  1. Some times I think alone what google is trying do? Now why google need such election hub? It is an internet company and they are creating election hub.