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Google Launches ‘Search plus Your World’

Google is definitely integrating its entire Google+ content to search engine results pages with its recent update, the “Search plus Your World.”Since last Tuesday, January 10, Google and Google+ members were able to see collated search results from across the web and the young social network’s social graph. Simply put, search engine robots will also index content from its Circles, photos, posts and many others.

How ‘Search plus Your World’ Works

As explained by Jack Menzel, Google search’s product management director, Google+ members can now “search across information that is private and only shared to you, not just the public web.” So other than the public information, content coming from the search giant’s social network and other services will also appear on its result page.

However, these posts will only be available if they are public or are shared with you. Therefore, all Google+ content results will be annotated as from “you” or with the name of the people you are connected with. Menzel also added that the search engine giant applies the same algorithm and standards to its social graph data as it does on other content.

Other than that, Google will also show Google+ profiles of someone you know or of “experts” in that niche or topic. You can also add them to your Circles, straight from the SERP. The search engine giant basically assumes that you are looking for someone you know or you are searching for relevant content coming from people you choose to follow in the first place.

As for its privacy and security issues, the “Search plus Your World” will only work if you are signed in to Google+ and using Google’s secure search. There is also an available toggle button if you want to switch back to the old-fashioned search.

‘Search plus Your World’ Minus Facebook and Twitter

Despite the integration of Google+ content on the SERPs, no other social graphs will be included in the results. Menzel also stated that Google can only access its content, and it doesn’t “pull in anyone else’s social graph.” Simply put, the search engine giant will not enhance it with Facebook or Twitter content.

This search update significantly blurs the line between the Web and social media content. However, this also makes people wonder whether “Search plus Your World” will serve as Google’s vehicle to get past ahead Facebook and Twitter. Regardless of this, it is a no-brainer that the integration of Google+ content to the public Web will further pull users in to the young social networking site.