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Google Launches New Reputation Management Tool

Just like a normal reputation, your webutation can have a definite and visible impact on how people interact with you. Unlike your normal reputation, however, a bad webutation can reach a huge array of groups – including potential employers around the globe and anyone else who cares to Google you.

Google already offered a tool to help track this: Google Alerts. This allowed users to subscribe to new results posted on Google that mention specific phrases. Users can set it up to notify you if your email address, Twitter name, real name, or company name are mentioned. But Google is now expanding their reputation management toolset with the addition of “Me on the Web,” which compiles information on your webutation and gives you quick links to useful guides on the topic.

Users can find “Me on the Web” by visiting their Google Dashboard. “Me on the Web” will be the second option down. If you’ve created a Google profile, you’ll see quick links here that show what outside accounts you’ve connected; if you’ve told Google what Twitter account (or accounts) are yours, that information will be displayed here. You’ll also have access to several guides that let you manage those mentions, with Google’s advice unsurprisingly including setting up a Google profile.

Users will also get a quick link to set up personal Google Alerts. The “Set up search alerts for your data” link in the “Me on the Web” tab lets you, with the click of a few buttons, set up Google Alerts for your name, email address, and any other key terms you want to receive feedback on. Users can also quickly review what happens when those terms are searched on the web of today and set how often they want to receive updates on new mentions.

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One thought on “Google Launches New Reputation Management Tool

  1. I never looked at Google Alerts as a reputation management tool, but now that you mention it, that is actually 100% right statement. I use it for a while now, and in some cases it really helped me in removing the possible damage. For example, few times some people made a forum discussion about the company I work for, and there were some positive and negative reactions. Joining the conversation, giving people more information, really helped a lot in saving the reputation of the company!!!