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Google Helps Users Watch the Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse happens only a couple times a year and is visible only from select locations around the globe. It’s easy to miss the event entirely. For those that missed the June 15th event, however, there may be an additional layer of sadness. This one hour eclipse was longer and more spectacular than the “average.” Luckily, Google’s has your back. You can check out the lunar eclipse through several Google-sponsored outlets.

To make this possible, Google teamed with the Slooh Space Camera to photograph, film, and create a community interaction centered around the eclipse. Here are the ways you can get ahold of footage:

  • Fans of Google Earth will be able to view the eclipse directly in their “sky” layer. Just add this kml and make sure the sky map is enabled.
  • Google’s YouTube channel did a live stream of the astronomical event. It’s expected that “highlight videos” and other footage will also be made accessible in a condensed form.
  • The Slooh Space Camera had a mission interface created using the Google App Engine. This community resource includes commentary from astronomers and eclipse experts, discussion from the community, and both video and images of the eclipse itself.
  • The Slooh Space Camera has created a free Android app that displays high-res image content. Limited video footage may also become available in the near future.

This set of resources is especially nice for those in North America, as the eclipse was only visible on the other side of the world. Want to check out a lunar eclipse for yourself, in person? The next one will be happening on December 10th of this year and will be visible briefly in the western U.S.