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Google+ Hangouts Announces “Versus”

Google+ Hangouts has enable entrepreneurs, politicians, celebrities and ordinary citizens from around the world to connect with each other. Now, the search engine giant wants you to use its video chat feature in another way –– online debate. Through its official YouTube blog, Google announced that a series of global debates will be live streamed on YouTube, via an online debate feature called “Versus.”

Google+ Hangouts + YouTube + Intelligence Squared = Versus

Using the Google+ Hangouts and YouTube, Versus is a project that will serve as an online platform that will enable users to participate in the upcoming global debate in London on March 13. As posted on Versus’ Google+ Page:

“By making use of the democratic potential provided by Google+ Hangouts we can bring in voices from every corner of the world to the live debate held in London. Yes, there will be presidents, ‘experts’ and a bit of Hollywood glamour, but the importance of the Plus debates lies in the fact that ordinary citizens from around the world can join in too. You may vote: you may even get the chance to speak. And it really matters that you do.”

During the online debate, people from around the world can ask questions to the participants. They can also indicate whether they agree with an argument or not using a real-time online voting tool.

Versus is organized with the help of Intelligence Squared, an online debate forum that will take you to the core of the issues that matter. Other than that, IQ2 enables you to speak with the world’s sharpest minds and celebrated orators.

It’s Time to End the War on Drugs

The first motion to be debated on March 13 will be “It’s time to end the War on Drugs.” BBC newsreader and presenter Emily Maitlis will chair the debate, which will feature diverse opinions from billionaire Richard Branson, comedian Russell Brand, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and many more.

The debate will be live streamed on Versus’ YouTube channel on the same date at 7 p.m. GMT. Google+ users are encouraged to speak their minds as part of the unique live event from London, Mexico, Brazil Columbia and US using the Google+ Hangouts. They are also invited to discuss the issues regarding the debate on the Versus Google+ Page. As what posted on Versus’ YouTube channel, “Be ready to change your mind –– and everyone else’s.”

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