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Google Docs Updates Mobile Interface

The world of productivity has been undergoing a major face-lift over the last few years, with the idea of cloud productivity – or document creation and storage located on and accessible through the web – becoming a major cog in both personal and business structures. Google Docs has been hard at work to ensure that they continue to be the top choice for cloud productivity services, an especially difficult task with the upcoming release of the Microsoft Office 365 suite. As part of Google Docs’ overall strategy, mobile features are being improved.

In the most recent release, Google updated their user interface to include easy access to advanced document organization controls and easy sharing. The three new or updated buttons that users will see are “Share,” “Sort,” and “Narrow by.” The Share button is located at the bottom left whenever items from the document list are selected. Using the Share button, a user can enable access to the item for other users, create a link that allows others to visit the document in their web browser, or send the file as an attachment. More than one item can be shared at once.

For those looking to get quicker access to their documents, the updated “Sort” button and the new “Narrow by” button are both useful. The Sort button lets users organize the document list by the most recently opened file, the most recently modified file, or in alphabetical order. The Narrow by button allows users to show only a select group of documents. Users can choose to show only items from a specific collection, that they own, that they’ve starred, or that are a specific document type (spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc.).

To use the new features to their full capacity, users will need to be using a tablet or smartphone that runs either Android 2.2+ or iOS 3.0+.