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Google Docs Team Hops on Reddit to Answer User Questions

Many divisions of Google’s business see powerful but fairly slow innovation. While there are certainly improvements to be seen in every element of Google’s world, the company has to develop the entire movement – from inception to implementation – without the example of others. One notable exception to this rule does apply, however: Google Docs. As the leader in cloud productivity software, users still expect Google Docs to mimic the features, effectiveness, and stability of offline software.

While these changes may not happen overnight, it certainly seems like the Google Docs team is up to the challenge. The last two years have seen frequent advances that push closer to tit-for-tat matching of offline software while adding numerous cloud-only functionalities. Normally, users are given only general hints as to what the company is planning next, but June 13th was an exception to that rule.

On June 13th, five members of the Google Docs team (DJ Lee, Jeff Harris, Ronald Ho, Scott Johnston, and Teresa Wu) spent six hours on Reddit to answer user questions about upcoming developments and past choices. The Googlers even took some time to get user suggestions on possible routes of development for the suite. A few highlights include:

  • A confirmation that Google Docs offline mode will be rolled out in the U.S. this summer. The delays have been caused by the need to completely restructure how Docs treats offline files.
  • The possibility of adding more Google Analytics tracking tools to individual or groups of documents.
  • A declaration that mobile functionality, including improvements on the current editing system, are a top priority for the Google Docs team.

You can check out the full details of the Q&A by visiting the link provided below.

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