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Gnomes Debut on Facebook Social Networking Games

Gaming on social networking platforms has quickly become a highly popular and fun way for social users to interact, compete, find new games and set new gaming records. Some of the largest offline gaming manufacturers in the industry include names like Nintendo, Wii and others, but for online gaming, new games are being developed and taking the social aspect to new levels.

KingX Studios is an online gaming developer who also manufactures video games and a myriad of social networking games. Their presence in the gaming industry has been around for over 20 years and include highly famous titles like LEGO Star Wars, Half Life and Shrek 2, to name a few. Although the competition in the gaming industry is substantial, KingX Studios stays on the cutting edge of what social gamers want by frequently introducing new games that are media-rich with enhanced sound components and features that encourage competition and those that draw in large audiences. The company’s goal is to create a console gaming experience that thrives in a social media gaming environment, appealing to gamers of all ages and playing levels.

To stay ahead of industry competition, the game developer recently launched a new social media game developed for the Facebook social networking community. The game, Odd Manor, promises an appeal to users that feature Gnomes (fantastical literature with small, human-like creatures that live underground) and weaves the gamer through magical gardens and interaction with other mystical creatures. The Chief Creative Officer for the new game, Charles Balas, stated that the game will be a social hit because players are responsible for the care of their gnome, and need to use the (fantasy) garden and his Facebook friends to aid in solving the mystery in the Odd Manor game.

The company foresees the Facebook social platform as a dynamic catalyst to further spread the popularity, awareness and engaging social interaction of the new game.