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Getting Started with Pay per Click

Pay per click or PPC advertising deals with creating and placing ads on search engine results pages and other online content to encourage people to check out their offer. Advertisers only pay for the ads whenever someone clicks on it. However, an effective PPC campaign requires bidding on relevant keywords. That way, the ad will appear on appropriate search results and content.

Why Use PPC Advertising

Most brands and businesses are using PPC advertising because of the benefits that it can provide.

Cost-friendly: Since you’re only paying when someone clicked on your ad, you don’t need to shell out a large sum of money to pay for ad placements.

Customizable: PPC ads can be changed based on your campaign or when you found a high-performing keyword that you can replace with your old ad copy. You can also customize your ad’s content depending on what you want your target market to see. In turn, it’ll be easier for you to target your potential audience.

Immediate Placing: Most PPC ads are up and running the same day you activate it. The good thing about this is that you can easily activate or deactivate your ads whenever you want.

Return on Investment: PPC ads are easy to measure; thus, marketers can get raw data of their ad campaign and easily analyze its cost per lead or acquisition.

How Does PPC Advertising Works

Search engines have their PPC ad placement services, which makes it easier for brands to apply their campaign. Instead of playing for a monthly ad placement fee, you can control your marketing budget through PPC ads. All that a marketer needs to do is search and use highly-targeted and relevant keywords on their ad copy, set their fee, activate it and they’re all set.

Understanding the Buying Cycle

Although setting up a PPC ad can be simple, it still requires analyzing the behavior of your target market. Depending on their trends and purchasing behavior, an advertiser must target the customers at each buying cycle. This can guarantee high conversion rates using the PPC ads.

According to John Lee of Hanapin Marketing and PPC Hero, the buying cycle is comprised of research, shop and purchase. As a marketer, your job is to segment your PPC campaign based on each phase of the cycle. They key here is researching and using keywords that will help expose your PPC ads, encourage your target market to check what your ad is all about, and compel them to convert.