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Getting Started: Successful PPC Advertising on LinkedIn

With over 100 million users, LinkedIn proved itself as a business-to-business community that’s more than just a pile of resume. In fact, it became a successful social media platform for business professionals, providing opportunity for companies to generate lead. Thus, it’s important to know how businesses can advertise on the B2B social network successfully.

Write an Effective Ad

Your business’ LinkedIn campaign should start with an effective ad. You’re only allowed to use 25-character ad title with a 75-character description. That’s why it’s important that your ad can explain what it is all about in 100 characters or less, it must have a strong call to action, and contains a link that redirects to your profile or a landing page. As for the image that you’ll use, it must adhere to your campaign, LinkedIn’s white background, and 50×50 pixel parameters.

Target Your LinkedIn Ad

LinkedIn lets you target your ads based on industry, job title and groups. Narrow down your preferred audience based on these options to get better ad performance. You can determine how effective your campaign is by monitoring your ad’s click-through rate using an analytics tool.

Test Ad Variations

LinkedIn ad accounts are organized by campaign, and they recommend that you create at least three ads for each marketing drive. Each must have varying images, headlines, and call to action phrases that you can display to your target audience. That way, you can test which generates more CTR and leads for your business and stop an ad that accumulates the lowest CTR.

Spend Your Money Wisely

Take budget and bidding to consideration when creating a LinkedIn ad. The B2B social network display ads at varying rate during the day. If you’re not receiving the clicks and impressions that you like, you should calculate your last week’s average total spend for the day, and compare it to your daily budget. If the numbers are equal or close to each other, then increasing your daily budget can help you acquire the impressions and clicks that you want.

Meanwhile, participate in relevant auction whenever a prospect visits a LinkedIn page. Depending on the suggested bidding range, you can win the auction and get the spot if you bid higher than the others. In turn, you can give your ad the exposure it needs.

Of course, you’ll never know if your LinkedIn campaign is successful if you don’t monitor it. Regardless where you’re redirecting your target audience from the B2B social network, you should always measure your ads’ CTR and the leads that it generates. That way, you’ll know which campaign is successful or not.