Social Media

Flirting Site at Relaunches

Most people know that social networking sites are the best place to find people, connect, catch up and even strike up a dialogue in a new love interest. The popularity of these sites is determined by the users and how well and effective they interact with one another. Some of the sites have multi-purposes where interacting, sharing images and photos, links and other websites is what is commonly done. But there is one social networking site that was recently launched that has only one purpose and goal in mind, and that’s to encourage flirting amongst its users.

The site at is a social media site that began with college university students posting anonymous flirtatious comments about each other. If a student spots someone who catches their eye, or is attractive, they can go on to the site and leave a comment for their eyes only. Since the comment is left anonymously, the student won’t know the sender, but can guess it and send a reply back to the person that they thought it might be. If the person gets the guess right, it can be a match made in heaven, but if not…

Controversial at best, which is why is actually a re-launch of the original site which was at Rich Martell, the London student who originally designed the site, began the experiment as a way to get college students to interact by flirting harmlessly on what was considered a “safe” place… on the web. In the eyes of many university networks, the safety portion of the network wasn’t sufficient, and was blocked by many university networks.

When was originally Fit Finder, the network hadgrown to over 50 campuses and was receiving more than 5 million hits before it had to shut down and re-launch. With the new site, the network hopes to re-build those numbers in a shorter amount of time. In the meantime, the flirting site will continue.