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Facebook Rises, MySpace Falters

Compete reported today that with 15.7 billion page views, Facebook is now ranked third in terms of traffic, and MySpace, which has thus far enjoyed both healthy growth and a long run as the leader in social networking, is declining and may not be in the lead for long.
Facebook has grown not only its user-base, but also the time spent per user on the site. At the same time, MySpace, which has been one of the highest ranking sites for about two years now seems to be slowing down in terms of growth (though the existing users continue to use the site quite loyally). So why is MySpace ‘stagnating’ and Facebook continuing to grow?
It’s the platform!
Since releasing the f8 platform, Facebook’s growth (as measured by attention metrics) has grown over 50%, with August being the best month yet. As developers create applications that essentially integrate the functionality of other sites into Facebook, it’s easy to understand why more users are spending a better part of their time online on Facebook. Not only that, but as they create applications that you have to carefully craft, and that require your daily attention, there is an increasing need to visit the site daily and see how you stack up against others.
That said, it is astonishing that rumors about MySpace’s impending launch of a widget platform as well as a developer platform, fail to pan out. Facebook’s design, ease-of-use, and (initially) targeted audience certainly helped the site’s growth, but it has been clear for a while that the main reason for the site’s exponential growth has been the developer platform.

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One thought on “Facebook Rises, MySpace Falters

  1. Hi Muhammad – You know what’s more interesting about those statistics? MySpace creates a lot of unnecessary pageviews just by the way it’s designed. If you factor in superfluous pageviews, MySpace doesn’t look like such a wonderful platform.
    And as for MySpace allowing widget development: they’ve locked enough third parties out of their system in the past to make developers wary of sudden policy shifts.