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Facebook Page’s Direct Message Functionality, Now Available at Conversocial

Facebook Page’s direct message functionality is now integrated at Conversocial’s customer service tool. The social customer service company added the social network’s new feature after its application programming interface was release.

With Conversocial, businesses can read and reply to any incoming messages straight from their Facebook Page’s direct message tool using their customer service dashboard. It also enables brand owners to use features that were not available with the social network such as assigning tickets, adding category tags and marking sentiment.

According to Conversocial CEO and Co-founder Joshua March, the private message option will encourage brands to provide better customer service.

“Many companies right now ignore the fact that they’re getting real customer service issue on the Wall –– either just ignoring them or passing them of with replies asking them to email support. It will be impossible to ignore the thousands of long form, private customer service issues they’re about to start getting.”

Conversocial and its Useful Features

Conversocial helps companies to track which of their representatives are taking particular actions on behalf of their Facebook Page. This is one feature that the social media giant is missing.

Other than monitoring a page’s activity, the customer service tool also has analytics that indicates average response time of their representatives. That way, business owners can also see how well their personnel perform.

Conversocial displays the recent interactions a user had with a brand page. In turn, it enables customer service representatives to provide better service by letting them reply to multiple messages.

How Facebook Pages on Conversocial Works

When a user sends a direct message to a Facebook Page, it will appear on the business’ Conversocial dashboard. Here, brand representatives can reply to the message, assign it to another staff, and add tags, sentiment or note to other admins.

When a representative replies to a direct message, it will appear on the user’s inbox as coming from the page itself other than from one of the its admins. However, Conversocial can log which representative responded to which message. In turn, businesses can coordinate with other staff, making sure that their customers receive the best service from their business. On the other hand, business owners can see which among their staff performs well.


March expects that brands on Facebook will get more customer service queries once the Facebook Pages direct message goes live. Although the social media giant brings in great volume of business-to-customer interactions, it will sky rocket now that fans can have a direct way to reach their favorite brands. The CEO deems that the amount of direct customer issues that business will receive straight from their social media channels will increase five-fold in the coming days.