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Facebook Added More Referral Traffic Insights for Mobile Apps

Facebook announced on it official blog post last Friday that they’ve added a mobile referral dashboard for developers. This will enable developers to track and analyze traffic from mobile devices.

How Mobile Referral Traffic Works

The new mobile traffic insights are available for all apps that integrate Facebook, including iOS and Android. Developers can find it at app insights dashboard by clicking the “Traffic” tab then “Mobile.” However, you must be an admin, developer or insight user if you want to access the dashboard.

On the dashboard, users can view mobile app clicks by day, device, and source. It also provides insights data by age, gender, language, and country. Other than that, they can also see the distribution of referral traffic from mobile feed, mobile search, notifications, bookmarks, and Timeline.

Dashboard Breakdown

To further understand how the mobile referral traffic dashboard works, Facebook’s Greg Schechter shared a breakdown of the new insight parameter.

“Total mobile app click” shows the total application clicks from all sources, while the “source breakdown” shows the breakdown of app referral sources. It is composed of the following:

  • Feed: Referrals triggered by open graph, graph applications programming interface, or feed dialog.
  • Timeline: These are mobile clicks that come straight from a Timeline profile.
  • Notification: These are referrals that are triggered by sending requests on mobile web, iOS or Android.
  • Bookmark: It indicates the number of click an app generated via bookmark. Bookmarks are automatically displayed on a user’s page when he or she login to the app.
  • Search: Clicks that an app generated from direct search.
  • Unknown: Referrals are marked as Unknown when it receives traffic or redirects users to a certain Facebook endpoint.

Meanwhile, “device breakdown” indicates the various devices where a mobile app’s referral came from like Android, iPhone, iPad or On the other hand, “demographic breakdown” shows mobile referral data by age, gender, language and country.

By knowing the distribution of referral traffic, they will understand Facebook’s mobile platform and take note which discover channels to emphasize. As for the social media side, this will help them improve in providing enough value to mobile developers.

In turn, developers can use this real-time information to understand their audience, and how the social media is helping them to distribute their apps. This will also enable them to make a sound decision as to where their products should go.