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The eBay Wiki launched today, it is a community driven wiki that eBay has created in collaboration with JotSpot. JotSpot was the first company to create a wiki platform, similar to the platform used by Wikipedia.
In Richard McManus’s review of the eBay Wiki on his blog, ReadWriteWeb, he says,

“It will also help eBay in the search engine rankings, as its user-generated content coffers will increase significantly over time!”

Because of his insightful comment, I had to take a closer look and give my 2 cents about how effective I think eBay will be at obtaining search engine rankings.
Here are a few major issues that I see with the eBay Wiki and how it is optimized for search engines:
####URL strings should be friendlier.
* The URL strings should contain words that represent the entry instead of numbers. Using words in the URL strings can help increase your search engine rankings and it is preferred over numbers or extraneous characters. Plus it makes more sense to searchers when they see the listing in the search engine result pages.
* The eBay Wiki way: (not so friendly)
* The Wikipedia way: (very friendly) needs it’s own sitemap.
* There is a sitemap on the eBay Wiki, but it is a shared sitemap with The Wiki is a separate domain name and should have it?

 eBay wiki wiki wiki
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