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Doing an Effective Keyword Research

It’s already established that keyword research is integral for your search engine optimization campaign. If you’re optimizing on the wrong search terms, the search engine and your target customers may have a difficult time looking for you. In the end, you’ll have meaningless rankings and you won’t see your expected return on investment.

Build Your List

Although the way you think about your online content may not be the same with your target audience, it would also help if you create your own keyword list. Think of the relevant terms that your potential customers will use to search for your products or services. You can also brainstorm with your friends and colleagues to help you come up with terms that you’re not aware of.

When you’re done, cross out the words that you think are irrelevant to your website and its content. But keep the broad and targeted terms, the buying and research-oriented, as well as the phrases.

Use a Keyword Research Tool

The next thing that you should do is determine how your keywords perform in search engines. Using a keyword research tool, you can learn how many users are using your selected keywords every day, how many websites are optimizing it and many other analytical details. This will help you narrow down your list and choose the most relevant but not overly used keywords.

Narrow down Your Keyword List

Now that you have your keywords list and you already know how each search terms performs, it’s time to finalize it. Depending on the relevance, search volume, competition and conversion, keep both broad and targeted keywords. These would help you with your SEO efforts.

A broad keyword tells search engine robots what your website is all about. For example, if you’re selling shoes for men, the ideal keywords would be “men’s shoes” or “shoes for men.” This can help you generate a significant number of traffic. However, this is less likely to maximize conversion. That’s why it’s important to also optimize targeted and buying-oriented terms like “athletic men’s shoes,” “casual shoes for men,” “skate shoes for men” and more.

Use Your Keywords

Keyword research helps you know what search terms to use and incorporate into your content. The best way to take advantage of it is to know where you can put it such as the title tag, Meta description tags, headings, Alt text, anchor text and navigational links. Just make sure to balance your keyword-content ratio, so it won’t look spammy.

Although you already know how to effectively search for the appropriate keywords, your mission doesn’t end there. The needs of your customers constantly change; hence, you should always monitor your website’s performance and tweak it as necessary.

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  1. Yes, the keyword research should be the first thing to do when you start working with onsite optimization, current keywords have strong impact on rankings, it’s easy to see it when your monitor your SEO effectiveness-I use Colibri Tool for this work, it track all your websites and competitors by keywords, so when I’ll have a lsit of proper keywords it’s an open way to the good optimization