Do customers want to be your friend?

Does your company have a MySpace page? If so, are you “friends” with your customers? Did they friend you or did you friend them? If you do not own a company are there any companies that you would want to be friends with?
What are some common attributes of companies that customers want to be friends with? Some of things I can think of are…
1. Cool – Does society perceives them as “cool”, e.g. Google. If Google had a MySpace page I bet a lot of people would friend them.
2. Openness – Companies should invite customers to communicate with them and make it easy to do so. [Verizon looks like they are on the right track](, I’m hoping they execute well.
3. Leaders – People love good leaders, but they hate dictators which is what some companies tend to turn into when they are leaders.
4. Reward – We love being rewarded for giving you our business, this doesn’t always have to be financial based either.
5. Treating people right
The point of this post isn’t really about creating MySpace pages for companies. The “friends” point was more of an analogy. I just wanted to explore some of these thoughts because they could play an important role in [social media optimization]( These are just a few attributes that make people want to talk about companies or share their experiences. I believe that the companies that have these attributes are the companies that will see the most success in the social media.
What are some other successful attributes of companies that you want to be “friends” with?

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5 thoughts on “Do customers want to be your friend?

  1. Nice analogy, I was thinking ‘who’d want to be friends with a company?’ until you mentioned Google, who basically everyone wants to be friends with. Nice list of criteria too :)

  2. Hey, I totally agree on that… more than liking them, they can even love them. That’s the minimum if you want some success.
    I totally agree on your post, but trying to search deeper, I think making friends is not the question, but engaging, serving, entertaining, informing. And most of all, speaking their words and making them speak: speak to you and speak about you…