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Cross-platform Local Search, Now Available on Google

Before, using Google to search for information about a particular place is done through the computer. Now, you can do your local search while on the go! With just a single tap on your Android or iPhone device, the details about a location you want to visit will be available under the search engine giant’s “Recent” icon.

How the Cross-platform Local Search Works

This convenient feature is available for all users who have enabled their Web History, and was logged into Google while doing their search. Search for a place on your PC, and then login to’s mobile homepage. Below the search bar is the Recent icon that shows results of your previously searched places. Your entire recent search will be available under the icon for about a day. Meanwhile, swiping to the right will show you more icons of other place categories.

Google’s cross-platform local search and its Recent icon provide convenience to its users. This will make it easier for users to search for local places on their computer, and then return on that information while on the go. Next time you’ll visit a place, no need to worry if you forgot its address or phone number. All you have to do is visit on your smartphone and tap on the Recent icon.

What’s the Catch?

Theoretically, the new mobile application will work for all smartphone users. However, Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling reported that it’s not yet live on his device. Moreover, the cross-platform of its search history is only limited to local search data.

There are also two views of this move:

  1. The cross-platform search capability is very useful, and goes in line with the people’s move from PC to mobile devices.
  2. Google is providing a useful application in exchange for users to give up their privacy. This is their way of targeting users across multiple platforms.

In general, the cross-platform local search capability is the search engine giant’s way of gathering much user data as possible. In turn, they’ll be able to link that information from data to mobile, and have a more holistic analysis of users and their behavior.

Although Google’s new search feature is very useful, it opens another door of debate with regards to anti-trust issues. Regardless, the search engine giant’s cross-platform local search capability reflects the future of the Internet, which is mobile. This is an inevitable change that online marketers must learn to embrace.

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