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Creative uses of social networks; Affiliate Summit

Not only are social networks starting to fill little niches but we are also starting to see a lot of creative uses with them. Take for example this one that is setup for Affiliate Summit. It’s great because it was setup so that attendees can network before attending the actual conference. Building relationships before the conference even starts is really going to take networking at conferences to a whole new level. This is good news for anyone that is planning on attending.
For anyone that has even been to a conference you know that making connections is one of the most valuable reasons to attend. Adding a social network is a win-win because it creates more value for the user / conference attendees and I suspect it will create some hype and word-of-mouth that ends up increasing attendance. It will also make the conference much more enjoyable for the attendees. This is a great example of Social Media Optimization. This shows that Affiliate Summit is a forward thinking organization and kudos to the person responsible for implementing this. I don’t think it will be long before all conferences start do this.

 Creative uses of social networks; Affiliate Summit

Cameron Olthuis

 Creative uses of social networks; Affiliate Summit

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One thought on “Creative uses of social networks; Affiliate Summit

  1. I’ve always thought the true power of “web 2.0″ was when it was used to great effect on this micro level. Why have the biggest app with the biggest social network in the whole world when all you want is make life easier or better for yourself and your customers? Well spotted!