Social Media

Creating Good Content for Link Building

Regardless of where you focus most in terms of search engine optimization, writing a good content should always be included in your strategy. That’s because a good content will attract your readers and engage them to your website. Search engine may bring a user to your website, but if he or she didn’t see anything significant, the traffic your website gets is useless.

Providing Good Content and Receiving Traffic and Links in Return

If you provide a good content, there is a high chance that you’ll soon build your credibility and gain your target audience’s trust. When that happens, you’ll soon have a solid base of loyal consumers. When a single reader decided to share your content to his or friends via social media, you already gained an inbound link. What makes this action great is that your audience is exposing your post to his or her social media friends.

Friends will see this and will visit your site. Majority of them may just read your post, while some will share it with their friends, and a small number of them will create a blog post that’s related to your content and link to it. Overall, providing a good content can encourage your readers to share it within his or her circle, which can result to additional website traffic and inbound links.

The more people share your content and link to it, the more beneficial it is to your link building efforts. That’s because search engine bots will consider inbound links as a vote that your website is a trustworthy and authoritative content with regards to a particular keyword.

The Importance of Developing New Content

However, you shouldn’t rely on what’s already there. While it can be cumbersome to update your website or blog regularly, it is definitely beneficial for your content’s ultimate purpose.

The “if you build it they will come” belief can be applicable in terms of updating your content. By constantly developing new write ups for your website, your audience will have a reason to come back for more. This can also help you enhance your relationship with your readers.

A good content can initiate exchange of opinion which can lead to everyone, including you, to learn a lot of new and relevant things. The more you solidify your relationship with them, the higher the chances that you’re breeding a brand ambassador in them.


Link building is the same as asking your friends to recommend your brand to the people they know. But in this case, you’re not only given the opportunity to ask the people that you know for recommendation, you can also prove to the whole world that you are worth the mention.