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Create a YouTube Channel Using Your Google+ Name

The Google+ and YouTube integration continues, as users are now allowed to create a YouTube channel using their Google+ account. In short this will provide a seamless identity across the two platforms. This is another way for users to bring the best of their YouTube experience, straight to their Google+ accounts.

With the current YouTube-Google+ integration, users can share videos with their friends on their account and through Google+ Hangouts. They can also see which of their friends are watching straight from the video-sharing site.

As of the moment, YouTube is the search engine giant’s social network that generates the most traffic. Hence, it only makes sense that they will build Google+’s presence through this site.

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel via Google+

When you sign up for a YouTube channel using your Google+ account, your profile name and picture will appear on the form. You can also check or uncheck the boxes under the “Activities you’ll share on your channel.” When you’re done, just simply click “I’m ready to continue” and you’ll be all set. But if you want to use a different username, just hit the “Create a username” button, and you can start setting up your channel as usual.

The Drawback and User Suggestions

Other than the typical upload, create playlist and comment features, it would be nice if a user will be notified when his or her YouTube videos got likes or received a comment. It would also be good if existing YouTube users on Google+ can create a secondary channel that will be available within their Google circles. Thus, a user can post his or her uploaded video with a specific group of friends.

Although the latest integration between the two platforms sounds like good news, the feature is only available to those who don’t have a YouTube channel yet. However, the team behind the video-sharing site said on an official blog post that people who already have a YouTube channel should “stay tune.” In addition to this, the integration between YouTube and Google+ is only available on the English version, but other regions can have this option in the coming months.

The latest YouTube-Google+ integration make it easy for users to maintain their identity on both platforms. Furthermore, business owners can easily set up and link their accounts. Now that it’s much easier to set up an account and share a video using their Google+ profile, brands can have another frictionless way of establishing their online presence using these platforms.