Social Media

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Facebook Marketing

Facebook is one of the largest platforms that businesses use when it comes to social media marketing. However, there are companies who still struggle to master its basics. In having an effective Facebook marketing campaign, it’s important that you know the common mistakes to avoid.

Failure to Explore the Social Network

Facebook has lots of tools and mechanics that a business must explore to use in its full extent. However, there are companies that don’t take the time to learn every nook and cranny of it. They don’t take the time to create a custom welcome page, don’t fill out the Info section appropriately, and don’t edit their thumbnail image after uploading a profile photo. Moreover, business owners don’t invest enough time to learn and analyze their Facebook Insights to know which posts generate an engagement.

Applying the “Set It and Forget It” Mentality

Setting up a business page on Facebook is just one of the many steps that a brand should take in order to create a fan base. Failure to invest enough time to update your page and engage your audience will not just hurt your brand’s fan growth. It will also affect your existing relationship with your customers—especially those who are expecting timely responses to their posts and queries.

Automatically Posting Content on Status

There are businesses who forget that Facebook is a social place. Thus, they are likely to auto-post content from their website only. What they didn’t know is that it makes their posts predictable and boring. The social network also gives low priority to auto-published content. Brands can avoid this mistake by mixing up their status updates with photos and images, and use Facebook’s native tool to naturally post their content.

Violating Facebook’s Terms

Aside from learning how Facebook works, it is also important that you educate yourself with the social network’s user terms. Business owners usually commit violations by using personal page to promote their brand instead of a Facebook fan page, failing to abide with the network’s terms about conducting a contest, and over-tagging people in an image. The last one is something that businesses should be aware of, as this act can be reported as an abusive behavior on your part. In turn, this could urge Facebook to review your page’s content.

Facebook, with its more than 800 million users, is definitely one of the best tools to create a pool of potential consumer for your brand. However, it’s more than setting up a page and spamming your fans’ news feed with your content. It is really better if you educate yourself on how to build and engage your audience without violating the social network’s term.