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Clickable Releases new Multiple-campaign Dashboard

Facebook’s earliest Ads Application Programming Interface partner Clickable launches its new ad-platform dashboard that enables marketers to monitor their campaigns across Facebook, Google and Bing. It’s designed to reduce the marketer’s workload on spreadsheets and email. Since reporting can be cumbersome, the campaign management application can save its users some time in organizing and building the widgets that they need.

Moreover, it was also created to help users thrive in the dynamic landscape of online marketing, especially those who are using Facebook as a marketing tool. As explained by Clickable’s Marketing Operation Manager Patrick Chen:

“Facebook’s changes signify a shift towards focus on data analysis and insights, rather than simply page management or ad creation, in which the understanding of complex data sets will be the competitive advantage for advertisers and agencies.”

Under the new Dashboard’s Hood

Clickable’s widget-based reporting dashboard is customizable and lets clients, account managers and C-level executives to have different views of their most relevant data. It’s also clean and easy to use. Users can drag and drop widgets to track their campaigns’ goal performance and budget.

Included in the dashboard are the customizable graphs and data tables that users can create using the widget builder. The good thing about this is that they can create a widget and share it with a client or their team members.

What Lies Ahead for Clickable

As a Facebook API partner, Clickable offers a Clickable Pro Tool software license. It also provides campaign management services similar to AdParlor, Adaptly and GraphEffect. According to Vice President of Market Max Kalehoff, ad management has been commoditized and most companies are competing on the price. That’s why they immediately worked on the new multiple-campaign dashboard when they realized that their strength is on reporting.

He also revealed on InsideFacebook that Clickable will integrate Facebook’s Insights API soon. YouTube, DART, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare’s API are set to follow suit. He added that they are developing algorithms that will produce recommendations to marketers based on dashboard information.

Last month, Brighter Option, TBG Digital and GraphEffect incorporated the social media giant’s insights as Sponsored Stories and ads from page posts on their ad platforms.

Although it seems late for Clickable to add Facebook’s Page Insights on their platform, it can still distinguish itself by incorporating search and social campaigns on a single dashboard. In turn, marketers can have a complete view of their efforts. This will allow them to compare budget and performance across multiple platforms.

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