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Chill Makes Another Pivot to Become a Pinterest for Video

After generating $1.5 million from Paul Kedrosky, Science, Crunchfund, Kleiner Perkins, Redpoint and Atlas Venture, a startup video-sharing site called Chill has performed another update last January 17. Starting out as Namesake, the then-Turntable for video now comes out as the Pinterest for video.

The new Chill lets users share and watch videos from YouTube and other similar platforms. It also allows them to comment and repost content on a Pinterest-ish user interface (UI) from the people they follow on the site.

The Call for Change

Chill’s co-founder Brian Norgard shares on TechCrunch that the UI update was created after listening to their user’s feedback.

“We learned a lot about what customer actually wanted from building the first product and I’ve always believed the best sites and apps come from those companies in market. It’s the nature of a dynamic marketplace. We would have never seen an opportunity of this magnitude had we not been listening and learning from our first batch of loyal customers.”

What’s with the New Chill?

Other than sharing their Facebook or Twitter videos, the new Chill has a “Post Video” bar at the top of its grid wherein users can post their content’s link. They can also opt to see videos from the people they follow or from the “Popular” page on their Homepage. There’s also good news for users who’d like to curate their videos, as Norgard shared that a Pinterest-like repost button is coming soon.

What makes Chill better than Pinterest is that it’s open to the public and enables users to watch the video in full browser. Norgard also explained what sets the site apart from its rival:

“We support nearly every type of video known to mankind. The entire experience is optimized around video sharing. Video is a whole another beast. It needs a dedicated discovery platform. It’s too important to humanity. Video can’t play second fiddle in this world nor should it.”

Aside from being a public Pinterest type of video-sharing, Chill also has Path-style emoticons and a Facebook Timeline-like cover image. Viewed by the co-founder as a post-television product, the redesign incorporated all successful UI updates of other social networking sites to its platform.

Accommodating 10 sign-ups every minute since the launch of the Chill’s new UI, Norgard believes that the update is just the start of a rich content sharing online, especially in video.