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Catchup – 5/25/06

* Redesigns Homepage redesigned their homepage and added some new features. The homepage features a hotlist which is updated every hour to show the three most popular links at that moment. They will never show you the same link twice, everytime you visit the homepage will see something new that’s popular.
* Yahoo and eBay Enter Multiyear Partnership

Yahoo will now be the provider for the all advertisements on eBay’s site, both contextual and image. The deal also calls for Paypal to be promoted and integrated to Yahoo’s customers and merchants. They’re also planning to create a co-branded toolbar. Great move for Yahoo.
* Technorati Temas up with The Associated Press

Technorati and The Associated Press have initiated a service that will connect bloggers to more than 440 AP newspapers around the nation. More proof that the social media is changing communications as we know it. This is great for bloggers, Technorati, and the social web.
* Video Ads for AdWords

Google announced the release of pay per click video ads on their content network. Video ads will now complete for placement with text and image ads. The problem, when a user clicks to watch an ad, they aren’t clicking through to a site. The ads aren’t trackable. How can you track the effect of the ad if it isn’t tied to a direct action? Plus, no one wants to watch an Ad unless it’s spread virally. This is better for the marketer too, they don’t have to pay people to watch ads when they spread virally.
* Google Music Search

Looks like Google is getting ready to launch Google Music. I’m actually starting to really like this service. I can search for an artist and find out all sorts of information, everything from song lyrics to album information to artist discussions. You can search by lyrics, songs, albums, or artists. Pretty cool.
* MSN Allows Webmasters to Drop DMOZ Descriptions from SERPs

MSN is giving the power back to webmasters. Using a robots meta tag you can now opt out from having DMOZ descriptions show up in your search results. The problem with DMOZ descriptions is they’re human edited, and they’re often outdated and inaccurate. Hopefully Google and Yahoo will follow.
* Duplicate Content Tool

New tool that crawls your site and analyzes your pages for duplicate content. You can easily now see what pages are similar enough to raise a flag in search engines which could penalize your site for duplicate content.

 Catchup   5/25/06

Cameron Olthuis

 Catchup   5/25/06

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2 thoughts on “Catchup – 5/25/06

  1. Michael, I agree that sites resemble TV, but I still think it’s a problem that these ads aren’t directly tied to an action. As a marketer that makes it very difficult for us to track the effect of the ads.

  2. Michael, you’re 100% right, TV ads aren’t connected to the action at all. I was just using them as a comparison to contextual ads.