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Buffer: Now Available for LinkedIn

After surpassing the 150 million users’ milestone, LinkedIn becomes the third social media that supports the Buffer app. The application is a social media content manager that lets you schedule and share content that you find on the Internet. It offers a personal, efficient and consistent way to build your online presence across social media networks 24/7.

How Buffer for LinkedIn Works

It’s easy to add your LinkedIn account on Buffer. On your profile dashboard, just click the “+add” sign, choose LinkedIn from the selection of social networks that they support and it’s done. If you connect an incorrect LinkedIn profile, you can easily change it and add the right one.

Adding LinkedIn Updates

Adding a new LinkedIn update on Buffer is the same with scheduling your Twitter or Facebook post on the app. Meanwhile, the browser extension will help you to easily share any content you see across the Web.

Just click the Buffer button, choose the right account and you’re set! You can also select the correct thumbnail image and link preview for your content. It will then appear on your LinkedIn profile, the same way how you manually post a write up.

Why Buffer for LinkedIn is Better

Co-founder Leo Wildrich shared that he used the Twitter feeds to post content on his LinkedIn account before. However, it didn’t work the way he expected it. As posted on the Buffer blog:

“Before being able to Buffer LinkedIn updates, what I tried out was feeding my Tweets to LinkedIn automatically. Whilst this appeared to work well, it made me very lazy and didn’t create any value for my connections there.

“It was pure information overload and no effort from my side went into it at all. Plus I never checked my LinkedIn because of it. By Buffering much more selectively only what I feel is interesting for my connections, I feel I could create a lot more value on there.”

Free and Pro Plans Upgrade

Other than adding LinkedIn to their selection of social networks, next to Facebook and Twitter, Buffer also upgraded its Free and Pro plans. With the new Free plan, users can add one account for every social network. Meanwhile, the new Pro plan allows users to connect up to six different social networks.

Handling multiple social media accounts for your business can be stressful. Hence, a social media content manager like Buffer is very handy. And with LinkedIn now on their list of supported platforms, it’ll be easier for you to connect with more business followers.