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Bloggers Often Have Real Lives Too

There is a secret amongst bloggers. We never speak of it, and we never try to show it, but sometimes matters are out of our hands and it becomes apparent even though we don’t want it to (though it’s okay and even good to talk about it). Well today I’m going to let that secret out of the bag.
And simply put, the secret is that bloggers often have real lives too. While most of you know me from my writing here at Pronet, let me take a moment to tell you who I am in the real world. You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging with the same frequency in this past week as I had been up to that point. The reasons for that that are plenty. I am a student at The University of Chicago and in about a month I am hoping to finally complete my undergraduate degree in Economics. The reason I had been unavailable was because I had mid-term examinations to take care of.
But my example is trivial compared to that of one of my friends. While you may know Tony Hung from Deep Jive Interests or The Blog Herald that is not what he does for a living. He is a father, a husband, and finishing his residency in Internal Medicine. You may wonder how he even find time for blogging, but he does find time because he cares about his audience and wants to keep the conversation going.
So as readers, keep in mind that bloggers are human beings too, and they have real lives too. And as bloggers, don’t be afraid to tell your audience what is going on in your life, just as I told my audience what was going on in my life this past week.

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3 thoughts on “Bloggers Often Have Real Lives Too

  1. I don’t blog often at SEJ (or at all for myself) for that very reason. Wedding plans, full-time in-house job, five part-time jobs, friends, family… at the end of the day I get angry that “me” time doesn’t exist. Heaven help me if I decide to have kids!
    Thanks for the post, it helps put the full-time bloggers into perspective. Hope exams went well!

  2. Well. for me , the idea of not-writing-about-me doesnt exist when it comes to blogging. :D I hardly ever mention any techie mumbo jumbo in my blog.
    Best of luck for your exam and the rest of challenges associated with life. :D