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Block Facebook with FB Limiter

Is Facebook distracting for your teen? Is it difficult for them to stay on task and get important things done, like their homework?

What about your employees? Are you noticing more “Facebook breaks” occurring during the course of a workday?

If you have experienced this, you’re not alone. A recent study by Oxygen Factory conducted with over 3,500 participants found that businesses and parents are facing a growing need to limit or even eliminate the amount of time that their child or employee is spending on Facebook. Not only is the excessive time spent on the social networking site causing problems in productivity, but it is also creating an environment where entire groups are being affected (students, employees) when everyone in the group is either on Facebook, talking about it or even situations occur as a result of what’s going on within the social networking site.

Facebook has become all-consuming, but FB Limiter is the answer. FB Limiter can limit a user’s access and even block Facebook for a specified amount of time or completely from a designated computer or set(s) of computers. When a person uses this application, they can control how much interaction a person has on the site.

Over 80% of the students in the study with ages from 11 to 18 reportedly admitted that social networking sites were major distractions to their school studies.

One peculiar nuance to the study however was that it showed that employers don’t really want to necessarily deny an employee’s access to the social sites, but instead limit it, thereby controlling it better than leaving it to the employee to decide. The businesses in the study felt like appropriate times would be lunch and break times, but if the activity persists, they want the right; to block the activity altogether. Parents in the study however did want full control of their child’s access, and wanted the ability to control the access site’s settings and user controls.

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One thought on “Block Facebook with FB Limiter

  1. that would be about time! I used to be on facebook though I would only spend about 5 to 10mn but all in all I can’t ever remember doing there anything useful. I tried to promote my business but it was a long shot. after I left I started wondering that 500 million people even if they spend half an hour daily that’s a lot of lost productivity. I can believe that most people spend more time on that because if you have a lot of friends it can be very addictive. as everybody knows, work is ‘boring’ and you do it only because it pays the rent!