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Blekko Beta is Open for Business

Blekko has been talking about its new structure for a while now, but its doors are finally open and searchers can decide for themselves if Blekko really has something unique to offer. Founders of Blekko are quite confident that their structure will provide many with precisely what they’re looking for: a way to circumvent the “spam” results of companies who push for SEO dominance.

How does it plan on doing this? The founders are using such strong language as stating that they will “clean up the web” — a monumental task for anyone to take on — but it isn’t coming cheap. The group relies on two major tracks of thought in order to accomplish this.

First, the group uses some additional command features that allow searches for items by relevance, date released, tone, or any number of other qualities. You simply use a “/” before your search specification. For example, if you wanted to find a humorous political site as opposed to a standard one, you could type in “politics /humor.” If you wanted to get a recipe for chocolate chip cookies as opposed to other information, you could type “chocolate chip cookies /recipes.” Other important commands include the “/image,” “/video,” “/shop,” “/news,” and “/blogs.”

If you get a little lost on what options you have, don’t worry. Blekko provides a left sidebar with suggested, popular, and core slash commands for you to use.

The second major component to the Blekko system is that it uses human intelligence in addition to a crawler. Blekko operators go through the results and make a decision on the relevance and quality of the content, determining placement and (hopefully) deterring those who would simply spam for position. Users also have some power to select the relevance of sites, although a Blekko editor will approve all such decisions prior to the alteration going live.