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Bing’s New Social Search Engine Goes Live to Select Users

After announcing that they will launch a social-friendly search engine last week, Bing’s new feature goes live last Tuesday. Users can now access the new Bing search engine, and the page will show a new message saying “The best search, now with people from your social networks.”

Introducing Bing’s Social-friendly Search Engine

It should be recalled that Bing announced its new search engine last week. It is said to put the spotlight on social search by off loading the social elements on a new sidebar area. With Microsoft’s new search engine, users will see three columns which feature search elements that can help get things done.

Core Web Results

The foundation of modern search remains to be its core algorithmic relevance. That’s why Bing aims to deliver expected results by the user. Instead of cluttering the search results with social update, they are providing core web results that will help users to focus on important links that they need.


The snapshot feature is found at the center of Bing’s search result page. It brings search-related information like maps, restaurant reservations and reviews. The results will be based on the search engine’s pre-determined intent of users in conducting the search. This will most likely allow users to take immediate action to get things done fast.

Social Sidebar

Since majority of Internet users ask their friends’ opinion when it comes to decision making, Bing decided to bring friends, experts and enthusiasts into someone’s search experience via the social sidebar. Whether they want to purchase an item, go to a popular restaurant or see a nice movie, users can now share, discover and interact with other people like the way they do in real life.

New Bing Search Goes Mobile

Although Bing’s new search interface is only available in the US as of the moment, it also requires that users must have a Facebook and Live account. That way, they can take advantage of what the social-friendly search engine has to offer.

On the other hand, users on the go can access the new search engine using their mobile devices. It was previously reported that Bing has been optimizing the layout and placement of the social results for smaller screen sizes. In addition, they have implemented technologies that can deliver relevant results while protecting their users’ data and privacy.


Whether the new Bing search engine can be helpful for its users remains to be seen. Nevertheless, they were able to bring social search on their interface without cluttering the search results.