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Bing Adds Travel Wish List

How is it possible for a search engine like Bing to fight against a monolithic power like Google? Why, that’s simple! After stealing away Yahoo (who now hands all their search and search advertising features over to Microsoft), you just specialize in a few critical but highly profitable areas. For Bing, those selected areas include shopping, entertainment, and – perhaps most importantly – travel. Beyond offering an advanced travel search interface with tons of rich details on a wide variety of locales, Bing is also pushing further with the creation of a “travel wish list.”

The Bing Travel Wish List was created as a Facebook application that allows you to do all of the following:

  • Create a list of locations – including both the larger regions and the more specific attractions – you’d like to visit.
  • Get and give recommendations of great places to visit.
  • Comment on the wish lists created by others.
  • See a graphic representation of all the places you want to visit in the world through a Bing map.
  • View pictures of both your favorite locales and places you may have never heard of.
  • Click through to a variety of Bing Travel features, including location details, flight deals, hotel stays, and more.

There shouldn’t be any privacy concerns for items like comments or suggestions, though, since only your Facebook friends can view and interact with your wish list.

Microsoft’s creation of an advanced and core-feature integrated Facebook application demonstrates the company’s successful partnership with Facebook, as well as their continued devotion to the travel sector. It was that same devotion that caused Bing to rear their head when Google bought out ITA, the flight data company that provides Bing’s travel information, and that prompted Bing to create a number of features that are unique to the Microsoft search site.