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Avoiding bad traffic

When people think about search engine optimization they think about increasing their traffic from search engines. Most people see it as a good source of relevant traffic and a potential way to increase revenue but there is one major downside of search engine optimization, bad traffic.
###Bad traffic
This blog is optimized to some extent and also has a good number of links coming in. It gets a good amount of search engine traffic for keywords that are related to the topics on the website. But since I made a post on the “Hardcore gay goes to Yahoo” and other posts the website is starting to get traffic for keywords such as: hardcore gay, gay guy, iPod porn, googlesex, and googleporn. Getting porn traffic on this blog is not too bad because visitors just leave the site when they do not find what they are looking for, but for some other sites it can be bad. Cameron’s blog gets a good amount of hits from the keyword phrase “pictures of girls” which leads to new pictures that he took of his girls (they have clothing on). Instead of the visitors just bouncing off of his website, they actually spend time and look at the pictures of his girls. As a father, this must be frustrating and irritating to have people that are looking for porn, looking at pictures of your girls. So how can bad traffic be stopped?
###Stopping the traffic
The two main options that are available for stopping the traffic are:
1. Delete all the porn related keywords within your content and watch your rankings drop for those terms.
2. Place a noindex tag on specific pages that you do not want the search engines to index.
These solutions may not work perfectly, but there currently is no easy way that I know of to block bad traffic. Of course, that being said, the positive effects of SEO do out weigh the negative effects, so it is always wise to optimize your website unless you are looking to hamper your growth. If your blog or website receives any bad traffic, feel free and share the phrases you get traffic for and if you know of any other ways to avoid bad search engine traffic once you receive it.
PS: My traffic for these bad keywords is probably going to increase because I just mentioned them in this blog post. icon sad Avoiding bad traffic

 Avoiding bad traffic
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at Quick Sprout.

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4 thoughts on “Avoiding bad traffic

  1. Great article. But there is a very basic question from me, a bit off-topic too – Is there any plugin for wordpress that shows you the keywords used in search engines to reach my blog ?

  2. Lokesh – try the Stattraq plugin. There are a few others, but Statraq’s pretty good.
    Neil – I’m a bit disturbed that you’d tempt fate further and write another post with ‘porn-bait’ in it!