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AdWords Adds Popular Automated Rules Listing

While Google is best known for its search element, the company relies on a smaller division – its search ads – to fund the vast majority of its projects. The majority of Google’s approximately $29 billion in annual revenue comes from search ads, which can be blamed largely on Google’s ability to mix both quality results for users and both tools and reach for advertisers. One tool released earlier this year was known as Automated Rules, and Google is helping users make more out of this extra by providing a list of the most popular rules and directions on how to implement them.

Automated Rules has been around for quite some time, with initial testing starting in December of last year and the roll-out to standard account happening in February of this year. The idea behind the feature is that common tasks that normally needed manual adjustment could be taken care of by an automatic system. That automatic system is fairly advanced and can be applied to all campaigns or just specific keywords. Here’s the list of most common rules created by advertisers:

  • Scheduling: Users can set specific ads or campaigns to run only during specific times of the day, week, month, or year.
  • Pausing low-performance elements: Users can set campaigns, keywords, or ads to automatically pause if the cost per conversion drops below a set point.
  • Bid adjustment and scheduling: Users can set bids to automatically adjust based on cost per conversion, placement, or times throughout the day.
  • Budget control: Users can set ads or campaigns to automatically pause at different poinst in the month once a certain spend limit has been reached.

To find out more about Automated Rules, check out the Automated Rules official help page. To set up the rules listed above, check out the newly launched directions on implementing common rules.