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A New Way to Explore and Connect

Have you ever thought “if only there was a better way to explore the conversations that surround my blog posts (than the current methodologies of trackbacks and pingbacks)”? If so, you’re in luck.
Chronologically and contextually presenting trackbacks and discussions can be a tedious process. To combat this, Megite has launched the first ever single-blog news-tracker; a tool that Megite co-founder Matt Chen simply described as “a blog trackback with a brain”. What this means is that you can now use the algorithmic news tracking prowess of Megite and focus it solely on your blog. As a result you can allow your readers to quickly look at the most discussed content of the day from your site, along with content on other sites that references your content.
msaleem megmash A New Way to Explore and Connect
Conversely, you can use this system to better understand what content your readers (and just as importantly, other authors) like best and which discussions they are following from other writers and therefore provide content more targeted to their liking.
Information is displayed in a three-level hierarchy:
1. The actual post.
2. Discussion generated by the post.
3. Items from other sites that are related to your post.
While this tool is certainly useful for industry blogs such as Mashable, or our own blog, it may not have much mass appeal. How do you feel about this new and hyper-focused way of exploring content and following discussions?

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3 thoughts on “A New Way to Explore and Connect

  1. Well, I think its a really useful tool for big bloggers. I mean, bloggers like Darren and Steve Pavlina might be having difficulties in discussing with the readers.
    But, I, as a smallscale blogger think that its not very hard to follow up on discussions. When sites get big, something like this would be necessary. Anyway, I’d be checking it out and maybe writing a review.

  2. What I would like to see is a way for all the comments that appear on social news sites (Netscape/reddit/digg/etc) to also end up on the comment section of the blog that is being linked too.
    Now that would be a killer app!