Here is a collection of advertisements that guarantee results. Truly great ads for which the respective marketing firms deserve a lot of credit.
What differentiates these ads from others is that the ad itself is an employment interview. If you can solve the advertisement you are automatically suited for the job. No need to apply, no need to dress up a resume or dress yourself up for an interview. Furthermore, these ads show that the companies (unlike what is the case for most people that interview potential employees) understand the people they want to employ and aren’t going to waste their time or yours; it also shows that the companies like to think outside the box and are willing to take risks.
From Google
From EA Canada
From Nav N Go
Look for these ads and more interesting ones.

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7 thoughts on “3 Ads That Guarantee Results

  1. Please explain how these generate results? They all are directed at very, very tech savy people. I had to really think long and hard about the google ad, how would a person driving by at fast speeds get it?

  2. Very, very clever. As with all advertising though, it just shows that they know who the target audience is, and how they think.
    Shame so many other companies still don’t “get” it though when they’re hiring.
    Also, you could really crash and burn with this kind of thing, and end up looking like your dad trying to dance. It has to be believable, not come across like an old person trying to ingratiate themselves with the “yoof of today”.

  3. Definitely a good way to get the right people from day 1 – no fuss, no muss, just targetted advertising without wasting time. Very cool.

  4. These are “targeted ads” not “targeted marketing”. Nothing on a billboard is targeted. Billboards are meant for great masses of people.
    Now, put the same ad copy on the campus of MIT or on a tech blog, then it becomes (more) targeted.