10 Most Popular Brands on Digg

What brands are the most popular with the Digg audience? I did a little research to gather some data so I can figure out what brands are mentioned most on Digg. What I did is I looked at the number of times a story with the brand name in the title, description, or URL has appeared on the Digg homepage in the last year.
Top 10 brands on Digg
digg brands
Apple – 1731
Wii – 1503
Microsoft -1502
Google -1484
Linux -1390
Mac -1374
Windows – 1337
Nintendo – 1112
Yahoo -1105
Digg – 877
Some other fun stuff…
Console Wars
Wii – 1503
Xbox – 781
PS3 – 787
iPod vs Zune
iPod – 690
Zune – 154
I’m a Mac – I’m a PC
Apple – 1731
Microsoft – 1502
The Big 3
Google – 1484
Yahoo – 1105
Microsoft – 1502
Who is more evil ?
RIAA – 186
MPAA – 85
This analysis was done purely out of my curiosity, but this data does hint at the preferences of Digg users. Have you learned anything from it?

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29 thoughts on “10 Most Popular Brands on Digg

  1. There is one thing that we should note. Popularity doesn’t necessarily imply that the company/service/product is featured in a positive light.
    Notables: Microsoft, RIAA, MPAA

  2. I really wonder if quantity is really popularity. I’m sure that Digg users love Apple, and Wii. In the other hand, Microsoft looks very “popular” (over Google!) but if you find the way to measure quality, the result is surely going to be some kind of different. Agree?
    Anyway, is a very useful investigation.

  3. Peluka, You’re right as Mu mentioned. I suppose I should have used different wording in the title. I just thought that mentions = popularity on Digg. Whether it’s positive or negative Diggers still like stories about it.

  4. Wow! Awesome breakdown Cameron. It’s great to see what we felt all along displayed in numeric and visual data.

  5. This is stupid, half of your graph is double input (Microsoft/Windows, Nintendo/Wii, Apple/Mac) if you’re going to do something like this you cant compare apples to oranges (or Macs). You can compare the company Microsoft to other companies like Google or Apple but not against products like Windows (which they make and automaticly get points for)

  6. Your list is flawed.
    I did not know that Wii and Nintendo were different brands. I also did not know that Apple and Mac are different also. Along with Microsoft and Windows.
    I suggest that you redo your list and make it compatible with the minds of most of the population of Digg readers.

  7. Amen “STUPID CHART”
    You’re confusing “brand” with “product” which throws this whole chart out of whack.

  8. “Have you learned anything from it?”
    As a daily digg user, I’d say no. I’d say duh. Might be worth something to someone, but seems like pretty obvious data.

  9. Actually no, moron.
    Nintendo is the brand, Wii the product. And so on.
    To put these two against one another in such a list is retarded.
    How do you really say something is about the Wii but not about Nintendo? If it’s about the Wii, it’s about Nintendo. Period.

  10. Ummm… Mac, Windows, Wii… those are products… not the “Brand” which is Apple, Microsoft, Nintendo respectively. The numbers should be combined for those respective product/brands and more brands should then be included in your list.

  11. Fun list, Cameron
    A brand is the name of a product or a service or manufacturer, and often the information and set of expections associated with that product or service or company in the minds of people.
    Nintendo is a manufacturer, and Nintendo is a brand. Wii is a product, and Wii is a brand.

  12. Well from what ive read on digg recentely it doesnt seem like ps3 is very loved most of the articles are about how bad ps3s are im just saying this cos im a microsoft fanboy and i disliked seeing ps3 above 360

  13. With regards to the big three, why aren’t they decending order like the rest of the results? We all hate Microsoft but “the Data” says it has the most results. Where’s the uniform? Sorry for jumping up and down and being picky. I like your chart. I like Apple :)

  14. @mypapit: Apple fanboys have the free time to visit digg. Microsoft fanboys are too busy with their config files, application registry, and driver issues; and Linux fanboys are still trying to install their OS.