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Super Bowl Related Facebook Posts Scored Higher Engagement

It’s a no-brainer that Super Bowl made a buzz in the social media for a couple of weeks and during the big event last Sunday. That’s why social enterprise software Buddy Media analyzed over 1,400 Facebook brands to see how they took advantage of the craze. Their study dealt with the number of likes and comments per fan base.

If you want your Facebook Page to gain extra visibility, it’s ideal to talk about current events. According to Buddy Media’s study, brands got 99.7% higher engagement on their Super Bowl related posts last Sunday. Their user engagement for the last six weeks also increased to 60% compared to average posts.

How Did it Happen?

Brands talking about trending topics gained more fan visibility because of Facebook’s news feed sorting algorithm. Its algorithm shows posts with higher user engagement to a wider audience. That’s why Facebook Pages that discussed the Super Bowl got more fan interaction, which was shown to more users to increase engagement.

Facebook’s algorithm also showed posts that contained the same keywords, aggregating all users’ friends and pages that talked about it. In turn, it helped brands that posted about trending topics to reach the News Feed. However, readers have to click and expand the aggregated mention stories to see who were talking about a current event.

Don’t Miss this Opportunity

According to Buddy Media’s study, 70% of the brands they analyzed missed this opportunity. Only 30% talked about Super Bowl, and were able to leverage their page on the social media giant. The study suggested that brands should talk about various events such as holidays, sporting events, and breaking news. That way, they can increase their Facebook user visibility.

The Downside of Trending Topics

Although talking about trending topics can benefit a brand, they should also be cautious. Big events such as Olympics and Super Bowl are oftentimes heavily sponsored. This means that other brands paid big cash to be associated with the event. Hence, talking about the event just to market your page can lead to lawsuits.


Social networking sites were designed to connect people with each other. Due to technological advances, users were able to interact with one another in real time. This is something that brands want to tune into. Buddy Media’s study simply indicates that a Facebook brand that knows how to socialize with its fans can engage more users and gain online visibility.

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