My 50 favorite blogging resources

There are thousands of blogging related resources on the Internet which can create an overwhelming experience for anyone looking to get into blogging. Because of this I created a list of blogging resources that I use on a regular basis. Here is a list of 50 blogging resources that can be helpful to any individual and corporation looking to get into blogging or wanting to learn more about it.
Blogs are great resources for up-to-date information on blogging. Here is a list of blogs and articles that are worth reading.
[Introduction to Blogging](
[Problogger]( – A blog that helps bloggers to add income streams to their blogs.
[Copyblogger]( – Copywriting tips for your blog.
[21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch](
[Scobleizer]( – Robert Scoble’s blog, one of the authors of Naked Conversations.
[5 Quick and Easy Ways To Stop Blog Spam Before It Hits Your Blog]( – Shoe Money breaks down how to fight spam before it hits.
[10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog](
[Writing for the Web]( – Detailed 6 page pdf that covers writing for the web.
[10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas That Work]( – So, you’re seeing too many of those “how to” and list headlines, and want to try a few different angles? Let’s move beyond those common headline formulas you see over and over, and add some new blood to your attention-grabbing arsenal.
[7 More Sure-Fire Headline Templates That Work](
[Tips to Better Blogging](
[Structured Blogging]( – Structured Blogging is all about giving bloggers the tools to create and syndicate structured information, such as reviews and events.
[Blogging Pro]( – News, plugins and themes for blogging applications.
Blogging Platforms
There are many different blogging platforms that you can choose from. Some are hosted while others are not; here are some that are worth looking into.
[Movable Type](
[Text Pattern](
[Boast Machine](
One of the most important things about a blog is the way it looks. Whether you are looking to design your own blog or use a free template, here are some articles that will help guide you in the right direction.
[Weblog Usability]( – Top 10 blog design mistakes.
[Blog Tutorial]( – Tips for blog templates & blog design in Photoshop.
[Blog Interface Design 2.0](
[WordPress Theme Browser]( – Free WordPress themes for your blog.
[Comprehensive list of 980+ Free WordPress 1.5 and 2.0 Themes / Templates available for download](
[Blog Layout Styles]( – List of free blog designs for Blogger, TypePad, WordPress, and MySpce.
[Blog Credibility and Blog Design]( – How the design of a blog affects credibility.
You can have the best blog in the world, but if no one knows about it what’s the point of even blogging. Here are some marketing techniques that you can use to help increase your blogs popularity.
[21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic](
[WordPress and SEO]( – Step by step guide to optimizing your WordPress blog for search engines.
[How To Build Traffic To Your Blog](
[Building blog traffic for newbies](
[How To: Boost Your Blog Traffic]( – Many first time bloggers automatically assume that once their blog is setup and they put a few posts on it, they will get some hits and regular readers. This is quite untrue. You won’t get any traffic if no one knows about your website.
[Search Engine Optimization For Blogs](
[Blog Directory]( – Directory filled with blogs, a great way to improve your link popularity.
[Ping-o-Matic]( – Free service that pings blog search engines.
Corporate Blogging
Blogging was once something that people did for fun, but because the blogosphere can spread news like a wildfire corporations are starting to catch on. If you are interested in starting or improving on your corporate blog, here are some helpful articles.
[Corporate Blogging Overview]( – Wikipedia entry on corporate blogging.
[Internal Corporate Blogging](
[Corporate Blogging]( – Facts, news, interviews and discussion on corporate and business blogging.
[Corporate Blogging: Is it really worth the hype?]( – Detailed 72 page PDF file that covers everything on corporate blogging.
[Seven rules for corporate blogging](
[Six Tips for Corporate Bloggers]( – Business Week breaks down 6 things that corporate blogs must do to be successful.
If you are looking to learn more about blogging and prefer reading a book or two, here are some books to consider reading.
[The Corporate Blogging ]( – A book that discusses everything you need to know to get it right.
[Naked Conversations]( – How blogs are changing the way businesses talk with customers.
[The Rough Guide to Blogging](
[No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog](
[Blogging for Business]( – Everything you need to know and why you should care.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is the co-founder of KISSmetrics, an analytics provider that helps companies make better business decisions. Neil also blogs about marketing and entrepreneurship at Quick Sprout.

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28 thoughts on “My 50 favorite blogging resources

  1. The resources listed are very well categorized.
    Since I am planning to start blogging professionally I found it very useful. I appreciate your effort.

  2. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for this great resource. And a thrill to see my book at the top of your recommended books list! BTW, the title of the book is “The Corporate Blogging Book.”

  3. Nice resoource thanks. Think Drupal deserves to be there as well though. And also there is a new kid in town, Syphony which is also worth considering for new blogs?

  4. Of course, you forgot the resources used by most bloggers (who deride the MSM):

  5. I wonder if you’d consider placing your great collection into the H20 Playlist (kind of a ‘Squidoo Lens’ site for the actual or presumed ‘intelligentsia’). No, really. It’s a great site, with some excellent ‘annotated links pages.’ It would be a worthy ‘second home’ for your annotated links, and perhaps all your good work would be accessible to more folks, while giving you a little more renown… What do you think? Anyway, whatever you decide, I want to thank you for this resource. I appreciate it these links a great deal, particularly since I’ve never “blogged” before.

  6. Thanks for the great compilation of blogging resources. It would be even greater if you added a category of ‘blogging tools’ which would contain cross-platform blogging tools like Windows Live Writer, Blogmailr etc.

  7. Nice list. I particularly like the links to the marketing blogs. It should take me a few days to work through everything but so far, every site on the list has had good info.

  8. hey I may wanna use this post as an example for the link bait session in Chicago….please let me know how tempting the bait is. 😉 seriously…two weeks I’d say you’re good for a thousand?