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MingleWing is Your Reddit for Facebook

If you’re tired of mingling and exchanging discussion with your Facebook friends, it’s time to present your content to a new audience. While the social networking giant is good at connecting its users with the people within their social circle, it’s not the same when it comes to going outside the social graph. Good thing, the people behind the online community Anybeat decided to create MingleWing.

MingleWing Lets You Socialize Outside Facebook

Described as something “like Reddit, a little like Pinterest and little like Anybeat’s Public Square, yet something all its own,” MingleWing is a separate website that brings your Facebook content to the public. However, users can still control what will appear on the website. The aim of this site is to encourage discussion between Facebook users who don’t know each other.

As shared by the site’s creator Dmitry Shapiro on Mashable: “The only people who see [my Facebook updates] are my friends and the people who subscribe to me. But here I can go to a centralized area based on topics and communicate with people I wouldn’t normally interact with because they wouldn’t see me.”

How MingleWing Works

MingleWing basically organizes Facebook content into various sections called “Wings” such as Celebrity, Photography, and Bizarre. Arranged in an interface that’s akin to Pinterest, other users or “Minglers” can then vote a particular content up or down. The more up–votes a content receive, the higher the chance that it’ll make its way to the front page.

“You can think of this as Reddit for Facebook,” Shapiro added. “But Reddit is very text-heavy so it appeals to a certain craft, mostly nerds. This is sort of for the rest of us.”

Facebook and Beyond

Created largely for the Facebook community, MingleWing uses the social networking giant’s Connect and Comment services to further promote the content. To put it simply, there’s no need to create a MingleWing account to use its services. The same thing goes for its sister site Anybeat, although users should expect integration between the two in the future. Other than that, the site also caters content from Digg and Reddit.

MingleWing for Business

Although new, MingleWing opens up a new channel for businesses to further promote their content. Imagine brands and companies seamlessly sharing their texts, links, photos and videos to a wider range of audience that’s outside their Facebook circle. That means great potential to generate leads and conversion for their business!

If your Facebook friends and subscribers seem like common for you, try using MingleWing to share your content with a different crowd.