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With Yahoo announcing that they will be making the switch from Google over to Inktomi, many in the search engine marketing business are scrambling to figure out what this change means and how it will effect their current Yahoo rankings.

Inktomi uses both a paid inclusion program and site spidering program.

Here’s an excerpt from a discussion going on at Jim World’s Search Engine Marketing Forum:

inktomi has 2 sets of spiders – a PFI spider and a “natural” spider. The natural spider crawls via incoming links, the PFI spider crawls pages submitted. Provided your site is well linked to, it will get crawled fully and for free – but it takes time. PFI is instant gratification. The PFI spider only crawls the pages paid for, the natural spider crawls all pages found.

Inktomi also offers an XML direct feed program which may help large etailing and dynamically generated web entities. Like paid inclusion, you have to pay for this program which guarantees a direct feed into Inktomi results, but does not guarantee ranking.

inktomi XML feed

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker

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