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Fostering Goodwill for Your Business through Facebook Groups

Facebook Pages isn’t just the platform that businesses can use to promote their brand on the largest social media on the Internet. Although less organized than a forum, its Groups feature can also serve as a marketing channel for many companies. Other than that, it also has a Wall component that works exactly like in user profiles.

Keep on reading if you want to know how you can use Facebook Groups to promote your business.

Advantages of Using Facebook Groups

Although it’s time-consuming and less commercial than Pages, Facebook Groups enables you to foster community around your brand while providing room for marketing. It encourages a two-way discussion between the business and your followers more than Pages can.

Setting Up Your Facebook Groups

When creating a group, it’s important that you set it up based on your business’ niche or industry rather than your products. Additionally, you should post your content policies where all your members can easily find them. You also need to upload an avatar that best represent your business, and then invite potential customers and relevant business owners to join your group.

Encouraging Discussion

On Facebook Groups, an active discussion tab is important because this is where members can start or comment on a conversation. However, it requires moderation and care; that’s why you should also have a clear set of policies in terms of posting content. You also have to check your discussion board against spammers.

Other than that, you can also use its Group Messaging features to notify your members about discussions that could be interesting for them or send them newsletters. You just have to make sure that you’re not sending too much promotional messages for your business, as this may urge your members to label you as spam.

Joining Facebook Groups

If setting up a Facebook Group is time-consuming for you, the best alternative to create brand awareness is to join to relevant groups. However, you should avoid broadcasting because it may incite group admins to remove your promotional message on their discussion tab or ban you from their community. When that happens, you’ll end up wasting your time and losing your business’ goodwill.

You can avoid this mishap by checking the group’s policies with regards to posting commercial content. If you can’t see anything, it’s best to ask the admins. Either way, it’s always a good idea to adhere with the rules of any group you join.

Facebook is not just an ideal social media marketing tool because it has millions of active users. It also proves to be one great avenue to generate leads for your business because of its marketing platforms like Pages and Groups.