An Interactive Infographic – If This is the Future for All Infographics I Am Excited!

I was contacted by Eddie Tomalin of Unruly Media about an interactive infographic they had created on the most shared video ads from 2006-2011. Now some of you may assume that I am writing about this because the #1 ad is the Volkswagon Darth Vader ad and that is not true (however it is the best video ad ever made).

I am writing about this for four main reasons:

  • It updates data three times a day which means the IG is always relevant and valid!
  • The videos play straight from the infographic with sharing data included.
  • It is embeddable!
  • It is a perfect example you can use to show how social video and how brands can now amplify their message through video content.

Infographics are really great for the visual learner and for those of us that like to scan a lot of data quickly. But this infographic offers so much more, which is continual updated information where you can track progress. I like that a lot. Take a peak at the interactive IG below.

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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3 thoughts on “An Interactive Infographic – If This is the Future for All Infographics I Am Excited!

    1. Larry, you make a great point. This does not work on my iPad, but did on my iPhone. What I liked was the updated data.