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Wahlman Predicts Google Chrome OS Phone

Google loves a lot of things. They love search. They love productivity software. They love being a monopoly. They love buying companies. They love mobile devices. Oh, and of course, they love operating systems. There was a large chunk of time where Google was actually working on the development of three separate operating systems: Android 2.3, Android 3.0, and Chrome OS. But times are changing and Google is streamlining its projects, eliminating unnecessary extras. That means combining everything learned in Android 3.0 and making it part of Android 2.4, rather than continuing two development lines. It’s also one of the reasons why Chrome OS might just run a smartphone in the future.

Google Chrome OS is an operating system originally designed for netbooks but now being implemented for notebooks and desktops as well, with initial indications that tablet support is also pending. Chrome OS is one of the fastest operating systems ever invented; it literally boots up in five seconds. That’s because everything you access is located, not on the computer, but on the web.

Is it possible to apply that same concept to smartphones? That’s what Anton Wahlman thinks, and he thinks there are good reasons to do it as well. Android OS has suffered numerous problems because of security issues, and it has been criticized by several software security groups because of the wide gaps that can let hackers and hijackers in. Chrome OS running a smartphone wouldn’t have any of these issues. Rather, it would have two simple layers: an operating system kernel and the Chrome browser. User data would never touch the OS, leaving the system safe.

While this is a possibility, it’s by no means official. Chrome OS, data connection speeds, and carrier support would have to come a long ways for a Chrome OS phone to hit the market with force.